Founded 1987

Hello, we are The Wessex Wine Society

We are a small friendly wine appreciation society based at the National Trust Estate of Stourhead, Wiltshire. Our sole existence evolves around the single objective of discovering new wines from countries all around the world and understanding the regional variations. To achieve this we have presentations by suppliers and importers from all over the country who guide us through a selection of their wines. Whilst we have some very knowledgeable members, and some of them will present from time to time, most of us simply wish to learn about and appreciate good wine.

Frequency of our meetings

We meet once a month between October and April/May. There will always be a minimum of six meetings plus an annual dinner but this can vary. This years programme has eight  events and a trip to France - See Next event page



Annual Subscription £25.00


Tasting fee for each meeting is usually £12.00 (can vary for special events) where we sample eight wines usually on a particular theme. We break for an, included, bread and cheese based buffet and to be sociable. 


Visitors are welcome £15.00 tasting fee on the night and three visits maximum before the whole subscription fee becomes due. However we credit £3.00 from each visit should you decide to join thus bringing the total fees paid in line with existing members.


£2.00 Draw every meeting and proceeds in aid of a local charity selected by members, 


Opportunities to buy the tasting wines through the club, often discounted.

Where do we meet

We meet in the historic village of Stourton in the heart of the National Trusts Stourhead Estate in the Stourton Memorial Hall. The whole of the Stourhead Estate was originally owned by the Hoare Family. Part of the Estate was left to the National Trust in in 1946 by Sir Henry Arthur Hoare who had given Stourton Memorial Hall to the village as a permanent memorial to his son Captain "Harry" Hoare and other local men killed in WWI. The Hall can hold up to 100 people and has a fully fitted kitchen. However, we consider that for our purposes, around fifty is the maximum and forty the ideal attendance which is where we aim to be.