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Information and Notices

Last Update 18th March 2020

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Wessex Wine Society - Suspension of all events

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The committee have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel all our remaining events in response to the latest developments and Government advice. This incudes the annual dinner and the trip to the Loir Valley. We have quite a few things to sort out and deposits to recover wherever we can but we will try and get this resolved quickly so that applicable refunds can be made. A detailed statement will accompany each refund.

Wine orders from our last meeting will be fulfilled and collections can be made from Suzie Hoare when we are notified of delivery. Payment should be made to the treasurer when advised before collection. Do not send any money yet as we are seeking confirmation of Society discounts. The Treasurer will advise you.

Finally, thank you all so much for your support this year. This crisis will end one day and we all can resume our activities again. Already, we are planning next years events with a view to providing you with a varied and interesting programme. In the meantime, take care, be aware and stay healthy. 

Charity Funds

The Charities to benefit from our raffles this year will be :-St. Margarets House Hospice and The Air Ambulance Service

The current fund stands at £289. 91p after five events which we have decided to increase to £400 from Society funds and split between our designated charities

Life Membership Award

The Committee have awarded Barry Treadwell Life Membership of the Society in recognition of his service to Wessex Wine over the many years he has been a member. Barry is a founder member of the Society, going back to the late 1980's where it all began. Over the years, Barry has served the Society in many roles but for over two decades he was chairman. He guided the Wessex Wine Society to become a firmly established and seriously knowledgeable body of people well known to the many suppliers in the South West and beyond. He finally bowed out in his final stint as Chairman in 2018. Since then, Barry has, and continues to, serve as a consultant on the committee where he keeps us all in check and gives us the benefit of all his considerable knowledge. Thank you, Barry for all your dedication.