Last Update 13th March 2020

11th March 2020 - David Perry 

Northern Italy

12th February 2020 - Andrew Mangles 

Antipodean Tipples 

18th January 2020 - Jane MacQuitty - The Times Wine Correspondent

France versus The rest of the World 

11th December 2019 - Fod & Wine Pairing

with Barry Treadwell

and food by

Caroline  Harris

13th November 2019 - If you like that- try this


Caroline Harris & Richard Turner

9th October 2019 - Vintners Choice

with Daniel Grigg

18h May 2019 - Summer Wines and BBQ

with Shaftesbury Wines

10th April 2019 - The Annual Dinner

13th March 2019 - The Americas  

Robert Boutflower

13th February 2019 - Two Grapes – Nine wines

Colin Juneman

9th January 2019


East of Europe with David and Alice Perry

I2th December 2018


Wine Pairing with Peter Bennett 

I0th October 2018


Summer Wines presented by Camilla Wood of the Somerset Wine Company