Event Reports and Publicity

Event Reports and Publicity

Last Update 13th March 2020

Wine Tasting Wednesday 11th March 2020

Wines of Northern Italy with David Perry of Shaftesbury Wines


David Perry presented a diverse selection of wines from the Region. It is not easy to select a limited number of wines characteristic of Italy’s northern regions: there are so many and of such a high quality. To be fair he gave it a good shot!


Four whites and three reds, the latter including a Lambrusco, were tabled by David from all over the Region but as he explained, there are so many good wines it is hard to be representative. Notwithstanding, it has been quite some time since we had such a diverse reaction to one of our tasting evenings. The show of hands afterwards revealed not one of them to be a clear favourite as votes were spread across the whole range with remarkable consistency. If anything approaching a favourite could be discerned, it would have to be the Cantina di Monteforte, Garganega from Veneto.


David explained that this was hardly surprising really given the many influences on this part of Italy. A commonality with boarders on other countries and their cultural influence and the varying Alpine climate. These regions have the coldest temperatures in Italy during the winter, there is more humidity, and less sunshine than elsewhere producing wines with high acidity and moderate alcohol. The northern regions are also more affluent and business orientated than the rest of Italy which influence productivity and scale. All in all, a very enjoyable evening with a full house.