Event Reports and Publicity

Event Reports and Publicity

Last Update 15th May 2022

A Marmite Night

Shaftesbury Wines - German Wines

11th May 2022

Our German night was a very interesting one upon which to end our season. We were informed of some surprising facts that blew away the myth that all Germans drink sweet white wine. This assertion was supported by a selection of eight wines selected by our presenters, Shaftesbury Wines, four red and four white. Notwithstanding, it turned out to be a bit of a "Marmite" night for the wines selected. They received mixed reactions from our members and, variously, some found a modest degree of approval but overall, it was thumbs down. As they say, if you don't try you can't comment. None of this prevented us having a very enjoyable evening and a successful night aided in no small way by Alice and David Perry informative presentation.

Annual Dinner

Reduced Numbers due to another Covid Scare on the 13th April

Covid scare or not, twenty four of us got together for what turned out to be a very socialable evening where we all mixed and chatted. The White Lion Inn served us a delicious meal and not one complaint was heard. Add to that, a superb and reasonably priced wine list which alltogether amounted to one very succesful night. The only formal part of the night was where we presented Liz Light with a thank you present for all her hard work over the years.

A very unusual meeting

Wessex Wine Society Quiz Night 9th March 2022

Our planning this year has been unending turmoil with the uncertainty over the ending of Covid and latterly, the need to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. One of these adversities was our planned German tasting with Shaftesbury Wines which was cancelled only 24 hours before as our presenters had to isolate! Luckily for us, we had our January Quiz Night ready to go because that too had been cancelled earlier in the year - so away we went presented by our very own Treasurer, Trevor Aver

It was an outstanding success and we have received many compliments on what turned out to be a very entertaing night. Blind tastings, teasing questions and audiance participation all helped by everyone entering into the spirit of the night made for one of our best events this year. The star wine of the night was the Silk and Spice Portuese blend that recieved  100% approval by and at £9.99 a bottle , a fantastic wine.